The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences
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Maybe one day, i’ll tell you all those things i’m thinking about at 4am in the morning, when I’m lying awake in my bed because you are poisoning my mind with your pure beauty. Maybe one day, I’ll tell you how I really feel about you. Or maybe this one day will never happen.
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I just have a lot of love for this gif.


I just have a lot of love for this gif.


My first real song I guess.

dude you know what your first real song is.. lol

Is there really ‘The One’?

"Is there two?"

There’s a lot more then two. Thank god, because we would be in a lot of trouble if there was only one. Let me give you some logic, if a woman met 3 guys a day for the next 50 years it would be around 55,000 guys right? Now that’s a lot of guys. if we take the population of the world to be 7 billion and say okay half of those are women so we have 3.5 billion left  and out of those we have many men who are too young or to old then we are left with about 1 billion guys. if you met 3 guys for the next 50 years, if you met 55,000 guys as a percentage of one billion that’s 0.005% chance of meeting the one. Now how many women do you know that are meeting 3 guys a day for 50 years? There not! Is it the case that 0.005% of your friends are in relationships? No of course not-

"What is the harm in looking for the one?"

Thee harm in looking for the one is A.) you will never find it. it’s like looking for the perfect job and you will never find it and you are continuously blaming the problems of the relationship on the fact that they are not the one in a very childish manner. It also goes the other way. What do you do if the one starts cheating on you. What do you do if the one starts treating you badly? Are they still the one? Do you say I’m going to stay with them anyway because there the one? What could be more of a prison then that idea?! That I met the one and no matter how they treat me I cant lose them because there is no one else. What about those people out there that use there partner, at what point do you say I can meet someone again if your partner is ‘the one’?

"There is nothing perfect right, everyone is looking for the perfect relationship. You’re never going to find the perfect relationship"

Think about this 40% 0f the worlds population is in India, or China. Why aren’t more of us married to India or Chinese people in the states. Think about that for a moment. If the one exists why aren’t more of us married to these people if they are 40% of the population? I always think when Mary who met her guy at college you know, and she’s sitting next to me, I think your the luckiest person on earth because ‘the one’ was in the same town, same class, same age.. Amazing!  
The guys I don’t like are always the ones who want me and the guys I want never like me.
Well there’s no coincidence there. The guys you don’t want don’t have different taste then the guys you do want. its just that the guys you don’t want you act yourself around, you have this standard with, you uphold your self respect. Then the guy you like, the moment you decide you like him you start compromising and bending and moving to meet his demands and of course once you do that he loses respect for you and how can you maintain attraction for someone you don’t respect?

Female: I think the fear a lot of women have is if we maintain who we are and we are busy a lot then the guy loses interest.

Actually its quite the opposite. The woman who tries to please you over and over and over and over and over, you don’t want that. Because what she or he is really sub-communicating is “I am not enough on my own so I have to go out of my way to really try and please you to make you happy”.